5 Important Aspects of Dental Exams That You Need to Know

Dental health is the greatest asset for a person, and you must always try to secure it. You seem more confident and proud when your smile is great, which is possible only with better dental health. 

Sometimes, people overlook the importance of dental examinations and compromise with their smiles. But taking care of your teeth and regular check-ups with your doctors is very important. If you stay in Jasper, Texas, doctors are available for dental exams, and you can visit them for more information. You can always undergo dental exams like the Jasper Dental Exam to secure oral health. 

What is a Dental Exam?

A dental exam is a check-up of your teeth, gums and mouth to understand if there is any dental issue. During the dental exam, if your dentist finds any cavity, decay or other gum disease, they will recommend its prescriptions. 

The exam is conducted through X-Rays and other tools to gauge the exact issue which is not visible to the naked eye. If there is any sign of wear and tear of gums and teeth, it is recommended to start medication for its prevention. Therefore, it is very important to participate in such dental exams to ensure your teeth are healthy. 

Important Aspects of the Dental Exam

  • Cleaning: The foremost important thing to do during a dental exam is cleaning. When we clean our teeth daily, there are some spots we cannot easily access, and therefore, there is proximity to create cavities. So, during dental exams, it is cleaned thoroughly.
  • Visual examination: Dentists will visually inspect your teeth to ensure whether there is any cavity or other teeth or gum problem or not. 
  • Fluoride treatment: This treatment is important to ensure your teeth are healthy and prevent decay. Therefore, during the exam, fluoride treatment is recommended. 
  • Review of medical history: Sometimes, there are repercussions of previous medical history on your oral health due to some medications or other things. So, your dentist will inspect the reasons and history for better understanding.
  • X-rays and other imaging tests: Dentists also conduct X-rays to understand the invisible aspects of your teeth which are not visible through the eyes. 
  • Pocket Depths: Dentists also check the pocket depth between your teeth and gums to understand the gum problem. 
  • Screening for oral cancer: It is one of the important aspects of a dental exam as dentists check for any symptoms of oral cancer, like sores and lumps. 

Dental exams are important to keep your oral health safe and secure. If, after the dental exam, there is any issue with your teeth or gums, dentists will discuss it with you, and proper treatment can be started. It is suggested that you conduct a dental exam around twice a year for better results. Oral health is also one of the important aspects of our health, and we cannot ignore it, so dental exams are significant. 

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