5 Powerful Methods For Keeping Your Youngster Off Devices

Creating a screen-free zone for your child is one of the most effective methods for limiting screen time. This will allow you to enjoy quality family time as well as help your youngster develop healthier habits such as better sleeping. There are many benefits to creating a screen-free zone, and they range from more family bonding time to healthier eating habits. Here are five of the most effective ways to make sure your child spends quality time away from devices.

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Set limits. While young children may need to use the computer for homework, you can limit the amount of time they spend on the computer. Use built-in parental controls to keep the device from being too distracting. It is best to create specific devices for your child so that they don’t accidentally use mission-critical devices. These devices should have clear rules and conditions. For example, you must make it impossible for a child to access a website or application that is considered adult-oriented.

Setting limits is the most effective method to keep your youngster off devices. You can limit the amount of time they spend using devices, such as iPads and smartphones. You can also install apps to limit how much time they spend using their devices, or turn them off completely. While it may be tempting to give your child the freedom to use whatever they want, it’s better to set the limits yourself. This will help you to prevent any conflict between you and your youngster.

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