5 Questions To Ask Before Investing In The 10×10 canopies

If you have been researching much on the various ways to promote the business, you will agree that investing in customized canopies will be the ideal option for branding. However, there is a difference between planning to buy and actually buying the thing. Once you visit the different manufacturers of the tents, you will realize that there are hundreds of douts that you need to clarify before investing.

Here is a list of important questions you must ask before agreeing to buy from a company.

Question #1: What type of ground are you going to set up the pop-up tent?

The biggest enemy of a canopy is the wind. If you cannot tightly secure the frame on the ground, the entire setup can collapse under windy conditions. So, you will need enough ground space to ensure that the structure is well-grounded. If you are unaware of the nature of the ground at the event space, you should ideally arrange for weight bags or weights that will help fix the structure strongly to the pavement sections.

Question #2: Is the space enough?

One of the most common doubts that occur in the minds of the business owners is whether the canopy will be big enough to house the products and potential customers. If you check out the standard size 10×10 canopiesyou will realize that the size is perfect for any space.

  • The investment will be one-time for something that you can reuse every time you have an outdoor event. So, make sure that one size fits all the available venue spaces.
  • The standard area coverage of such canopies is ideal for offering shelter to a good number of customers at a time apart from housing the products and the company’s representatives.

Therefore, the standard size will be appropriate for all purposes.

Question #3: How often do you plan to use it?

If you have plans to participate in the outdoor events frequently, then you will need the best quality of material for the tent. It is easy to take care of the structure. So you can keep it in a good storage area and use it every year too.

But if you aim to use it for a couple of events, then a basic steel structure will be sufficient to serve the purpose. For using the canopy every weekend throughout a season, you have to put in the initial investment on a better-quality tent material to avoid buying a new canopy every week and unnecessarily spending money.

Question #4: What weather conditions do you expect?

If you are setting up the tent in the season of rain and wind, then you must settle for the quality of tent that will be water-resistant and strong enough to endure the harsh weather elements.

Question #5: Do you need accessories? 

Most companies sell various accessories along with the tent to deck up the space, and if you think that it will enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space, you should invest in the proper accessories to add to the branding.