5 Tips On Getting the Most From the Best Acne Spot Patches 

Investing in the best acne spot patches is a guarantee that you’ll get the results as shown in the advertising, right? Actually, no, it’s not. Of course, buying the best products from a particular category of skincare products is a good starting point, but it doesn’t make up the whole picture. 

We want to help you get real value from the products you buy, so we now examine 7 useful facts that you should know before you start using them. People routinely use them incorrectly or at the wrong time all across America, so many people are simply scuppering the work their patches do before they’ve even got started. So, check out our 7 useful tips.

Tip #1 – Even the Best Acne Spot Patches Are ONLY For Whiteheads

Pimple patches are great at what they do, but they’re designed to help you painlessly get rid of whiteheads, nothing else. Even if you spend your money on the best spot patches the market has to offer, they’re all going to fail if you use them on larger lesions like nodules, papules and cysts.

Tip #2 – One Patch Might Not Be Enough

Depending on the spot in question, one hydrocolloid sticker might not be enough – even if you’ve bought the best acne spot patches around. When taking them off, it’s good practice to apply another straight away so that any residual gunk is removed and the job of skin healing can commence. 

Tip #3 – Cleansing Prior to Application Is Essential

The reason why whiteheads form in the first place is because of dirt and oil that get trapped in the hair follicles (a.k.a. pores). This is why you should always cleanse the area thoroughly before you apply your spot patch, as otherwise, you’ll simply be setting yourself up for another whitehead in a day or two’s time. Don’t waste your time. Cleanse properly! 

Tip #4 – They Should Be Used At the Start of Your Routine

A mistake that many make when using spot patches is to apply them at the end of their skincare routine. If you do, you’re setting yourself up to fail again, as all those other products are going to make their way into your open spot and slow down healing. Apply them at the start, and that won’t happen. 

Tip #5 – They’re Designed to Be On For No Longer than 10 Hours

Ideally speaking, you’ll be wearing your spot patches for 6-8 hours, however, you shouldn’t push this fact, or the products may actually start to irritate your skin rather than soothe it. If you’re going to bed with them on, take them off as soon as you get up, or you might set yourself back a week or two.

The Best Acne Spot Patches Work If You Let Them

Whenever we hear someone talk about the fact that they used spot patches but just didn’t get on with them, it’s natural to assume that they’re not being applied properly. These little soothing circles are proven to work, but only when the user reads the instructions and adheres to some basic rules.

Just by listening to the advice we’ve given you here today, you’ve got enough info to guide you. 5 little tips is all that stands between you and the clear skin you’ve been looking for. 

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