Are You The Right Candidate For Dental Implants? 

You consider dental implants as a solution for your missing teeth is an important decision. Various factors need to be assessed and thought over before making the right choice. Dental implants will offer a solution for restoring your smile and oral function. If you are the right candidate for dental implants, you should have good oral health, a fully developed jawbone, realistic expectations, and a commitment to oral hygiene. 

Consulting with a dental professional is the key to deciding whether dental implants are the right choice for you. With proper guidance and good tools, you can easily achieve a confident smile with the help of dental implants. Before making this decision, you must explore everything from your oral health conditions to personal preferences. To learn more about it, visit museum district implants and orthodontics

Checking your Oral Health

  • Gum and Bone Health

Dental implants effectively replace missing teeth. They require healthy gums and sufficient jawbone density for successful placement. If you have gum diseases or bone loss, your dentist will recommend treatments to improve these conditions before going for dental implants. Gum disease treatment involves deep cleaning procedures such as scaling or periodontal surgery. Bone loss can be addressed through bone grafting procedures where additional bone material will be added to the jaw. 

  • Medical History

In dental implant surgery, a metal post is inserted funnyjok into the jawbone to support a replacement tooth. For a lot of patients, dental implants represent a secure and practical solution. However, if you have a health issue, it could delay your recovery from the operation. It is crucial to let your dentist know about any medical conditions you may have. Also, you must list any medications taken before implant surgery. The dentist will review your medical history to ensure dental implants are safe. 

  • Age and Growth

The development of the jawbone is crucial for the success of dental implant surgery. This will help to provide the necessary supporting stability. Young individuals who are still growing may not have a fully developed jaw yet. In this case, dental implants are not the best option until the jawbone is mature enough. This is because the implant will not be able to integrate properly with the bone and will cause damage to the surrounding tissue. If placed near an immature jawbone, the implant will cause more damage to the surroundings. 

  • Oral Hygiene 

Dental implant success will depend on proper oral care. This means that if you have dental implants, you should commit to regular dental thestyleplus checkups, proper brushing, and flossing.  It is important to know that dental implants will require a higher level of care than natural teeth. They might not be infected by decay but can still be gum disease victims. 

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