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You are like a breath of fresh air, or a light in the Darkness. You give peace a chance for a change, and you are the best thing that ever happened to this planet. In this blog post, I want to share with you my experiences exploring Asia and writing about them. My first trip to Thailand was in 2008. It was an opportunity to explore an area that I had never been to before, and it was an opportunity to write about places that I’d only heard of before (e.g., Bangkok). The biggest regret from my first trip is that I didn’t take more pictures! Let’s see how it went…

Thailand: A Short Trip There

This is the first trip to Thailand I had, and it was a very interesting one. Thailand is a beautiful country and the people are very nice. We booked a plane ticket to Bangkok, which was very convenient since we were going to spend a week there. The next day, we headed to the beautifulGolden Triangle, which is where everything is happening in Bangkok. After that, we went to the beaches of Phuket, and then we went to the mountains for some climbing and living-in. Afterward, we went home.

Philippines: The Big Island of the Orient

This trip is actually two trips in one. We started our trip in the Philippines, where I made my first and only visit in 1998. We rented a car and drove all around the Central Visayas and Northern Samar islands, visiting beautiful places like Baler, Balerass, and Zamboanga. Next, we went to the Philippines’s eastern half, where we visited the islands of the Eastern Samar and Leyte Archipelago. While in the Eastern Samar Island, we also went on a boat ride around the coast, which was very interesting. After that, we went back to the Philippines’s western half, and then the road took us to the Philippines’ capital, Manila. Afterward, we spent our cruise time in the Philippines’s many beautiful places, like its wonderful capital city, Manila.

Japan: A Rich, Remote Planet

This trip also comes in two parts. The first part is a visit to Japan, where we spent a week in 2003. When I was a young reporter for The Japan Times, I was sent to Japan to explore the country and write about it. I spent a week there, and while there, I met my future wife, Sabrina, who is now a published author. The two of us were so happy at the time, we had two kids together: Shuu, 2, and Suze, 1. We had a lot of fun in Japan, and here’s what we did. We visited Tokyo, where we stayed at the Hotel Iida. We went to the Disneyland Hotel to celebrate our trip’s 10th birthday. Then, we took a trip to the Natural History Museum, where we met a lot of fascinating and amazing animals: bears, elephants, giraffes, and more. We also saw all kinds of plants and animals at the museum, and in the natural history section, we saw a lot of plants and animals that we’d never seen before. We also went to the Hagigata Shrine, a special site that is closed to the public, but offers some amazing views of the city and the city’s suburbs.

Hong Kong: A Financial Oasis

This is actually the second trip to Hong Kong, which is also known as the British territory. The first trip was in 2004, where we visited Hong Kong for seven and a half months. We spent this whole time in Kowloon, which is very beautiful in the winter. We had a great time at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, eating everything on the menu and having tons of fun in Kowloon. We also spent a lot of time in the city’s many charming places, like the Hong Kong Museum of Modern Art and the Hong Kong Art Gallery. We also went to the Hong Kong Tower, which we were allowed to look at during our stay and which has one of the best views in the city. The Hong Kong financial sector is very interesting and is worth a look if you’re interested in investing in companies or doing business in Asia.

Singapore: A Friendly City

This is my second trip to Singapore, and it was also very interesting. Singapore is a beautiful city with a lot of history and culture to explore. The first part of the trip focused on Singapore’s northern half, where we spent a week in 2004 on our way to the Northern territories of Malaysia. We spent a week in the northern half of Singapore, looking at the city’s history, architecture, and famous colorful buildings. Then, we drove around the city in a hired car, and after that, we went to the Singapore Festival, a very interesting event that happens every year in the middle of the month. We were actually lucky enough to be selected to attend this year’s event, which was very interesting. We also went to the Singapore Zoo, a very interesting place with animals that are not invasive species and are part of the zoo’s living history.

Philippines: The Heart of Asia

This is the final part of my Singapore trip and it was also very interesting. We started our trip in the Philippines, where we spent a month in 2004. We visited the entire country, from the Northern Mariana Islands to the Southern Samar Islands. We then drove around the country, soaked in the country’s fresh water, and went to the National Capital, or Quezon City, which is one of the most recognizable Roman ruins in the world. We then spent the night at the luxurious Prime Hotel. The next day, we drove around the city and explored its many places of historical and cultural interest, like the historic and UNESCO listed places of historic interest in the Philippines, or the country’s capital city, Manila. We also went to the Malaysia’s Natural History Museum and the Malaysia’s National Museum, which are two of the country’s most famous museums.


This was an interesting trip for all kinds of people, including travelers looking for a quick getaway and for those who want to explore more than just the coasts of the U.S. and Canada. For those who have been traveling for years and have only just begun to explore the world, this trip is a great introduction to many of the natural, cultural, and governmental marvels that we enjoy so much here in the U.S. In addition to this, travelers to Asia will likely appreciate the opportunity to travel around the world in a vehicle that is easily driven and has lots of space for luggage and equipment. If you’re lucky enough to be on a budget, this trip also has some great deals on airplanes, hotels, and attractions. So, whether you’re looking for a quick getaway or you want to explore more than just the coasts, this is a great chance to start!