Can Your Child Benefit From Pediatric Dentistry? Here Are Services They Can Enjoy

Like any good parent, you want to protect your child’s teeth from damage. Regular brushing and flossing may seem enough, but it is not. At some point, pediatric dentistry Hollywood will come in handy to your child’s next list of health priorities.

Pediatric dentistry focuses solely on your child’s dental and oral health. Your dentist will combine oral exams, X-rays, cleaning, and preventive care to reduce cavities and gum diseases. The discussion below will explain common services your child can enjoy during the visit.

Oral Exams

Your dentist may recommend scheduling your child’s first oral exam at six months and continuing at every well-child visit. Your dentist will lift your child’s lip, look at their teeth to spot plaques, cavities, and damages, and examine soft tissues. Next, the doctor may palpate your child’s palate to rule out clefts.

Depending on your child’s age, the dentist will determine the correct position for your child. Small children may need examinations when lying down, while infants and toddlers may have a knee-to-knee oral exam. Pediatric oral exams check for signs of gum disease and tooth decay.

Pediatric Teeth Cleaning

Brushing and flossing your child’s teeth daily may keep them clean, but it may not be enough to keep oral health at its maximum level. Scheduling your child’s dental cleaning may encourage the habit as they grow. Depending on your child’s brushing habit, dental cleaning may take up to less than an hour to complete.

During the cleaning, your dentist will scrape plaque building up on your child’s teeth. The dentist will then clean all sides of the tooth using a special dental tool. Lastly, the dentist will examine your child’s teeth and gums to ensure they are clean.

Dental X-rays

Your child may recommend dental X-rays for your child when necessary. Meaning your dentist recommends X-rays based on your child’s risk for cavities. Additionally, an X-ray may be necessary if your dentist cannot view certain sides of your child’s teeth.

First and foremost, your child will be safe since imaging will use digital X-rays, which use less radiation. Therefore, your child will have less risk of complications associated with conventional X-rays. Digital X-rays are quick and comfortable and provide enhanced viewable images.

Dental Sealants

Applying dental sealants can help protect your child’s arenagadgets teeth and prevent oral problems from developing further. Dental sealants make your grooves less deep, thus reducing retains of food particles and plaque. Typically, the procedure is fast and painless and usually requires no numbing medication.

The dentist will clean and polish your child’s teeth with pumice and brush during treatment. Next, your doctor will apply an etching solution to disinfect the tooth and then apply sealant. Treatment will be complete once your doctor uses a laser to cure the sealant to harden it.

As soon as your child turns six months, you can begin taking them alongside for your dental appointments. Taking your child for these visits teaches them to maintain oral health once they grow. Additionally, regular exams can prevent potential dental issues and treat them when they can respond to treatment.

Pediatric care includes oral exams to assess for cavities and gum diseases. Treatment will also combine digital X-rays and dental cleaning to lower the risk of cavities and other dental issues. Talk to your doctor about necessary treatments your child can benefit from during pediatric visits.

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