cheek filler fix old face problem

Cheek groove is another problem on the face. That makes you look older than your age For people with deep cheekbones to lack confidence Don’t worry. Because this problem can be easily solved by injecting fillers in the cheek grooves. This technique can help solve the problem of aging. Let everyone come back to see the child down again.

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but for safety Before injecting fillers in any area on the face We should study the information thoroughly before it. for good results with no side effects on the body. We have gathered information about the injection of fillers in the cheekbones that are important for you. How to help solve the old face problem? Follow along to see the answer in this article.

cheek filler fix old face problem

Cheek Filler Injection The doctor will use a substance hyaluronic acid (Hyaluronic acid: HA) injected to fill in the shallow cheekbones, lines or wrinkles around the cheeks to fade. smooth skin and the face is naturally lifted In addition, filler injections can also help moisturize the skin at the injection site. When the cheek groove area has been improved This will result in the overall face looking younger.

by the results of the cheek filler injection Better changes can be seen immediately after completion. And the results will last for 12-18 months (depending on the brand and model of the filler). Hyaluronic acid : HA injected will decompose itself. Does not leave any residue in the body But can come back to add new fillers continuously to maintain results. It can be said that filler injections are a solution to the problem of cheek grooves that are convenient, fast, and see results quickly. No need for surgery to pull the face to hurt the body. And do not need to recuperate to waste time as well

cheek filler How is it better than any other method?

– See results quickly : After the filler injection is complete, the cheek grooves look fuller. It is considered to be the most sensitive solution to the problem of cheek grooves.

– Don’t have to hurt yourself : From the surgery, it can make the groove of the cheeks shallower. It also does not need to recuperate to waste time as well. After filler injection can lead a normal life immediately

– Help to lift and tighten : by a professional doctor In addition to injecting fillers to help fill in the groove of the cheeks. Can also be injected to help the face to be lifted as well.

– Helps to improve skin condition: Hyaluronic acid can retain water well under the skin. Therefore, it helps to condition the skin to be moisturized. and more smooth

Cheek Filler Injection Technique

APEX’s medical team has a special technique for injecting fillers. that is not just injected to fill the cheek groove only but can also help tighten the face Along with the cheek grooves that look shallower as well. which the doctor will assess and plan the treatment of each patient in detail in advance to determine the cause of the problem of the cheek groove Can fillers be added directly into the cheek groove area?

But if assessed that the problem of the patient’s cheekbones is caused by the collapse of the bone structure under the eyes resulting in the upper cheek hanging or slacking down until the cheek grooves look deep as well The doctor will not inject fillers directly into the cheek grooves. Because it is a solution that is not at the point of the cause. Over time, the results may not be as good. or will not last long Therefore, the doctor will use the technique of injecting fillers into the cheekbone area instead. In order to pull the structure of the skin to be lifted up. resulting in drooping cheeks slack down becoming a problem in the cheekbones will be raised until the wrinkles fade more shallow cheek grooves This special technique is a solution to the problem that is more precisely the cause of the cheek groove.

Are cheek fillers dangerous?

Filler injections in any area If injected with genuine fillers with expert doctors It will definitely reduce the risk of the rate of income. Because the doctor can assess the problem or cause of the nasolabial folds of each patient in each case. In order to inject correct correction directly to the point, accurately, resulting in natural and safe results.

Therefore, before deciding to inject cheek fillers with any clinic We should study the information and look at the reviews to be sure first. The clinic can be selected from the following factors:

– The clinic is reliable : Reputable and has standards within the clinic, including equipment, tools, clean, safe, modern. With both before and after services that can help advise and give advice accurately, clearly, quickly, and reviews of real users are also very important.

– Use quality fillers: are genuine from the importing company directly. can check Therefore, we should study how to see genuine fillers first. When it’s time for the actual injection, it can be checked correctly.

– Expert surgeon : will be able to accurately assess the cause of our cheek groove problem. Choose a filler and inject the appropriate amount at the point of the problem Prevent errors The results are beautiful and safe.

For people who have problems with cheekbones until the face looks older than age You don’t have to lose confidence. We can come back and look younger. Shallow cheek grooves again. with cheek filler injection Which, although it looks like a simple solution, is actually injecting fillers for good results. Choosing a Clinic And a specialist doctor is very important.

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