Essential Tips for Maintaining Injectable Fillers Results

Collagen plays a crucial role when it comes to skin health. Essentially, this protein constituent provides an elastic structure to your skin, keeping your skin plump. In addition, collagen helps in replacing dead skin cells with new cells. However, as you age, your body reduces the production of collagen. You will then start noticing skin concerns like wrinkles and lines. These aging signs can lower your capacity to express facial emotions. Although aging is irreversible, certain Atlanta skin rejuvenation treatments like injectable fillers can help you get off the aging signs. After undergoing the filler treatments, here are important things that you should do to maintain the results.

Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure

Sunlight is one of the major sources of vitamin D. This vitamin is vital for bone development and reducing inflammation in the body. However, this does not mean you should bake yourself in sunlight in pursuit of this vitamin.

Excessive sunlight can take a toll on your skin health. For example, it can cause sunspots and premature wrinkles, which reverse the benefits of the injectable. It would help if you stayed indoors during the hotter days. Wear a protective outfit like a cap if you must go out on sunny days.

Eat Right

Your food choices say a lot when it comes to skin health. After injectable filler treatment, you do not want to experience inflammation on the skin. Therefore, you should avoid the intake of highly processed meals.

Instead, it would be best to shift to healthy meals like fruits. Essentially these meals are rich in vitamin C, which helps in collagen production. Eating a healthy diet helps to retard the breakdown of the injectable, thus boosting the longevity of filler treatment.

Manage Stress Level

You may think the link between mental and skin health is insignificant. However, the reality is that depressive thoughts can impact your skin negatively. Stress hormones like cortisol accelerate the aging process, hindering the filler treatment’s success.

Therefore, after filler treatment, you should avoid the triggers of depressive thoughts. It would help you to learn how to manage your stress. Embracing stress relief measures like meditation can also help ease stress symptoms.

Avoid Certain Medication                    

Some medications can interfere with the effectiveness of injectable treatments. For example, anti-inflammatory medications like aspirin can aggravate bruising. Therefore, you should suspend the medication intake with potential side effects before and after the filler treatment.

Always talk with your doctor before skipping those medications. Your doctor will prescribe another course of the treatment plan. This way, you suppress your underlying condition while maintaining the effectiveness of filler.

Watch Out for Alcohol Intake

Alcohol has many detrimental effects on your health. Being among the known dehydrating agents, it can cause skin dryness. This instance can intervene with the success of the dermal filler.

In addition, alcohol can expose you to more bruising after the filler treatments. You should therefore limit the intake of alcohol for the best experience after the injectable treatment. Quitting alcohol consumption altogether will also help maintain your overall health.

Your skin experiences many changes as you age. Wrinkles and fine lines are some skin concerns due to reduced collagen production. Fortunately, the injectable fillers can help you rewind these aging signs and give you a more youthful look. It would help if you adopted the above tips after the filler treatment to reap maximum benefits. For instance, you should limit your exposure to sunlight to avoid premature aging. Steering away from alcohol intake will also help to avoid skin dryness that could interfere with filler results.

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