Fun88 Introduced a New Gem Queen Slot Game 2023

Are you passionate about bonus slot games? Do you want to find a bonus game with simple, attractive rules but with a high payout ratio? The slot game Gem Queen at Fun88 is the perfect suggestion for you. So what are the salient features of this game? Why the game is loved by many professional players. The following article will help you learn more about this issue.

Gem Queen slot game rules

The Gem Queen 5 column 3 line slot features a Crash Respin feature and a free spins feature. When participating in this game, players will have the opportunity to receive 15 free spins and many attractive reward opportunities. The game rules state:

  • Winning combinations are paid from the first reel to the left, and the right symbol should land continuously throughout the entire payline of the game.
  • Players will be paid anywhere for the SCatter symbol.
  • When you get the regular win then you will be multiplied by the number of Coins bet.
  • When playing Gem Queen, the win with the SCatter symbol will be multiplied by the total bet.
  • At each bet line the house only pays the highest winning.
  • The Wild symbol will only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. In particular, this symbol can replace all symbols except the Scatter and Free Games symbols.
  • Free Game is a symbol that can appear on reels 1, 3, 5. If this symbol appears you can trigger 15 free Gem Queen spins.
  • On different bet lines players can add duplicate wins
  • The payout of the SCatter symbol will be as follows: x 1 for 2 SCatter symbols, 5 for 3 SCatter symbols, x 20 for 4 SCatter symbols, and x 100 for 5 SCatter symbols.

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Typical features of the Gem Queen slot

When playing the Gem Queen slot, players need to master the 2 basic features of this game, which is the collapsed reel feature and the free spins feature. Features are as follows:

Crash reel feature

  • When playing the Gem Queen slot you will be triggered by the Crash Spins feature if you win the main or free spins.
  • All symbols during a win will disappear leaving a gap when there is a win bonus feature.
  • The winning symbol will disappear after the new winning payout is paid.
  • The void will be filled when the symbols above the space fall, these symbols can also bring new wins to Gem Queen players.
  • The process will continue to repeat until there are no winning combinations on the reels and the SCatter and Free Games symbols disappear.

Free turn feature

In addition to the collapsing reel feature, Gem Queen also has an interesting free-turn feature:

  • On reels 1-3, if the Free Games symbol appears, the 15 free spins feature with the reels collapsing multiplier will be activated.
  • If Crash Reel is activated, the multiplier will add +1
  • Max multiplier x5 if every subsequent collapse produces a win.
  • Players will start the Free Game with a multiplier x 1.
  • We will be multiplied by the Crash Spins multiplier and the multiplier will increase to +1 for any win generated by the collapse.
  • The crash reels multiplier will be set to x1 if a crash or 1 spin fails to produce a win.
  • When playing Gem Queen, free games cannot be reactivated.

How to play the basic Gem Queen slot game at Fun88

If you want to play Gem Queen you need to master the rules and features of this bonus slot game. Besides, players can choose 1 of 3 ways to play:

  • Turbo mode: This is a mode that makes the gaming reels spin faster than normal modes. Players just need to access the game and choose the game Gem Queen. Then you click on the TURBO icon to turn on this mode and you can start the game.
  • Automatic mode: If you do not want to waste time pressing and stopping the spin when playing Gem Queen you can choose automatic mode. After clicking on the game to play, you turn on the automatic mode. When this mode is on, the game will be played until you turn it off without you having to manipulate the rotation.
  • Normal play: This is a way of playing that is chosen by many people because it brings a sense of thrill and attraction when participating. Players access the game then tap the spinner icon to spin and then release to stop spinning. You can change the bet while playing by clicking the “+” or “-” sign to increase or decrease the bet.

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FAQs about the Gem Queen lot Game at Fun88

Q: Concerning the Gem Queen slot game at Fun88, how can I activate the free spins feature?

A: Players can trigger 15 free spins when the Free Games symbol appears on reels 1, 3, and 5. The multiplier will increase to +1 for any win generated by the collapse.

Q: What is the maximum multiplier available in the Gem Queen slot game at Fun88?

A: The maximum multiplier available in Gem Queen is x5 if every subsequent collapse produces a win.

Q: How many ways can I play the Gem Queen game at Fun88?

A: There are three ways to play the Gem Queen game at Fun88, which are turbo mode, automatic mode, and normal play

mode. Each method has its own advantages and you can choose the one that suits your needs best.


Fun88 Gem Queen is one of the most “worth playing” bonus game slots today. Joining this game you will have moments of exciting entertainment and the opportunity to receive great rewards. If you want to experience attractive games like Gem Queen, what are you waiting for without quickly accessing Fun88’s website today? With prestige and professionalism, we will surely satisfy the most demanding players.