How Can Patients Access Medical Marijuanas In Victoria?

Since the landmark change to legislation in 2016, medical marijuanas have become a viable option for treatment in certain patients. There are a number of therapeutic pathways that a doctor can choose to take when it comes to proper healthcare, and each patient is different.

For the moment, medical marijuanas in Victoria can only be accessed through a prescription by a doctor. A few caveats and considerations must take place before a prescription can be given, of course, but thanks to adjustments made to access pathways in 2021, it is thankfully less burdensome for physicians to do so.

There is still quite a lot of stigmatising associated with medical marijuanas in Victoria, stemming from confusion surrounding the legalities, the previous history of the substance, and questions surrounding its efficacy in association with a wide variety of ailments. That still hasn’t stopped the industry from growing in popularity and consideration, with in-house doctors and online telehealth services now able to prescribe medical marijuanas in Victoria and around the country.

How does this access work? That is what this article is all about. We’re going to explain how patients can access medical marijuanas in Victoria.

Through An Experienced Physician

The process is relatively straightforward for patients looking for medicinal cannabis, with any physician able to prescribe the alternative therapeutic option if they believe it to be the best possible route forward. The substance is a relatively new one to the healthcare industry, so experience and expertise will often be critical factors in a decision.

As a large majority of options for medical marijuanas in Victoria are non-approved medications, there is credence for physicians to consider alternative therapies and treatment options for patients if traditional approaches are ineffective. The explosion of telehealth services has allowed patients in rural areas that don’t have access to doctors who have experience with medicinal cannabis and other alternative therapies to have honest discourse about their eligibility.

Determining Eligibility

Like any other prescription or medication, certain criteria need to be considered before a patient can access medical marijuanas in Victoria. Doctors will often ask about the condition a patient is experiencing, and they’ll also typically ask what other treatments have been attempted to alleviate this ailment. If there have been alternative attempts at curbing the issue, doctors may ask how effective these treatments were.

Based on these metrics, it can typically be surmised whether a patient is a viable candidate for medical marijuanas in Victoria.

Other Factors

It should be noted that the legislation that has allowed doctors to prescribe medical marijuanas in Victoria speaks to the discretion of the doctor to decide whether or not medicinal cannabis is a relevant form of treatment. As a majority of the options for medical marijuanas in Victoria are not approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, the conditions that can present that are valid for prescription are varied dramatically.

There are several research institutes and studies being conducted around the country that are aimed at studying the effects and impacts that medicinal cannabis provides for sufferers of different ailments. Research does take a long time. This is why it is always wise to keep an eye on studies being conducted to see how the science correlates with the claimed benefits.


Patients looking for medical marijuanas in Victoria should always heed the advice of their physician in order to find the optimal route forward for their treatment. While the industry is still young, there is plenty of upside for sufferers who have been looking for possible alternative treatment with medical marijuanas in Victoria.