How Much Sun Protection Do You Get From an SPF 15 Daily Moisturizer?

Do you need more than an SPF 15 daily moisturizer to keep your face safe from the sun?  You may not need full-spectrum protection from the sun if you plan to spend the day indoors, but this may be enough to shield you from the UVA rays that sneak in via windows and reflect off of an open door.  Your daily SPF 15 moisturizer or cosmetics are only fooling you into thinking you are protected from the sun if you are only going to be outside for a few minutes before heading back inside. Dr. Samantha Robare Cypress can help you understand how to use your sunscreen better.

Why is it not sufficient to rely on the SPF in moisturizer or makeup?

Sunscreen is only effective if applied liberally and reapplied at least every two hours to maintain its protective effects.  Because your intentions differ, you will not use this method for your SPF 15 skin moisturizer or cosmetics.

  • Moisturizers are used to provide skin with the ideal amount of moisture and texture.
  • When applying makeup, your goal is to enhance your appearance. 

The quantity of SPF components applied to the skin each day is the most important factor in ensuring proper protection from the sun.

The correct amount of sun protection elements on your face is essential when the sun is out for an extended period, whether it is beaming directly on your skin or is being reflected from nearby buildings, pavement, sand, or windows.

Plus, the 2-hour reapplication is crucial when using a product with chemical (sometimes called ‘organic’) actives (which includes anything other than zinc oxide and titanium dioxide).  This is because when these chemical actives are exposed to UV light, they degrade. The small amount of chemical actives or chemical and titanium dioxide required to achieve an SPF 15 in the first place is used in most daily moisturizers or foundations with SPF.  Your protection from the sun will wear off during the day.

People often skip the first two crucial sun protection steps when using a daily moisturizer or makeup that doubles as sunscreen. Put on plenty, and reapply every two hours.

The Conclusion

The basic line is that applying SPF 15 every day in your moisturizer and foundation is likely providing you a false sense of sun protection security, allowing too many UV rays to enter your skin and causing sun damage and skin pigment disorders. 

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