How To Choose An Air Track Mat? A Guide

You might have seen trained gymnasts using air/gas-filled mats for their comfort and safe training. These are air track mat, and if someone is looking to improve their gymnastics abilities and skills at home, this is the best option.

Back in the day, foam mats used were not durable and comfortable. However, nowadays, people focus more on their ease, as they already have the burden of their coaching; thus, old mats are replaced by new ones filled with cool air. The main benefit of buying and using these air tracks, by serving and releasing air, one can control the pressure of the mat.

Air track mats are mostly recognized among the young generation. It is suitable for every individual as they are easy to carry because of its light weight and improved strength. If one is looking for good-quality air mats, check the Kameymall.

Take a look below at the tips for selecting an appropriate air track mat for yourself or your children:


People get confused while searching for track mats, as these are divided into three categories: round mats, square mats, and rectangular mats are the most common types of mats available online and offline. In addition, one must consider different factors while purchasing, such as age, capability, and the space where you store the mat.

The three shapes of the mats will help to select the most suitable one according to the needs of an individual.


Like the types of air tracks, there are two different heights of the mat, one 10 cm, and the other 20 cm. The mat’s thickness provides a guard which gives support so that while practicing, a person gets a safe landing, and the possibility of any serious injury is reduced.

 The mats with a thickness of 10-20 cm will resist if immense force is applied and doesn’t get damaged. The material used in these air tracks is PVC, making them tough and sturdy. In addition, air track mats are inflatable and sealed with gas, making them thick and bouncy within them and reasonable to use.

Now the question raises what height to choose, the 10 cm mats are not expensive and stay within the budget limits, but it is restricted to few benefits. In addition, if you are a beginner and want to reach the intermediate level and then go forward, the 10 cm thickness will not be a good option, as these are less flexible, which limits several activities.

The 20 cm thick mats are more elastic and bouncy, making them more secure, durable, and robust to take the pressure, which is most suitable for the trainees.


The track mat comes in rubber form and has an air filled sheet with the help of which the gymnasts are protected from the sudden shock while jumping on it. Generally, the mats are made of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), which is water-resistant and designed to embrace more than 240 pounds.

You can get the mat according to your budget in terms of material, polyurethane is relatively less costly than PVC, but the latter is more durable.


The other main factor that should be considered while buying an air track mat is the size. The volume of the mat depends on what type of activity one will use it. Therefore, before purchasing, measure the space in which the mat is to be placed as it will become challenging for the gymnasts to do usual activities if the mat surrounds the entire area.

Even the sizes of air track mats are two: portable and large. The mats are not heavy as their weight is around half-ton, which makes it comparatively easier to carry. The large air tracks are primarily suitable for outdoor use as they can endure high force and pressure.

For excessive exercises, the mat with the dimension of 6mx 1mx 20m is perfect. The Air track inflatable pads have four handles, making it easy to move from one place to another. It is not compulsory to choose one-meter wide mats, which are generally available; a person can also get 2-meter broad ones.


After choosing and buying the right mat, now decide where to store it properly. For example, suppose you have purchased a large mat; now, the main factor that comes to mind is to have an ample space where it can be stored without any problem.

Always place the track mat on a flat, stuffed surface like a carpet or grass. Even if the quality of the mat is to last long, that doesn’t mean you will not take care of the mat. The air tracks are designed in such a way that their shape will not deteriorate even after using it repeatedly.

As we have learned above, the mats are very flexible; it can be rolled if it is to be stored in a small space. Keep the mat away from the place where there is direct sunlight and moisture in the surrounding.