How to quickly recover from a cold in 1 day

How to quickly recover from a cold? This question is asked by almost everyone who begins to feel the first signs of the disease. In order to start the necessary treatment and in one day already “get on your feet”, it is necessary to determine the symptoms that characterize the common cold.

Signs of a cold

  • Runny nose. And on the first day, it may not start. But already on the 2nd or 3rd day, a runny nose will declare itself in full force.
  • Sore throat. Unpleasant sensations in the throat are provoked by the presence of pathogenic bacteria and viruses there.
  • Sore throat and cough. A sore throat may be accompanied by itching, resulting in a cough.
  • Pain in the joints and weakness of the body. The so-called body aches, general fatigue, and fatigue.
  • Elevated temperature. With a cold, the temperature may not rise in all cases.

It should be understood that a cold is called both an acute respiratory disease and viral infections, tonsillitis and influenza. All these diseases have almost the same symptoms. However, the treatment may differ. For example, it is completely impossible to recover quickly from a sore throat, as well as from the flu, since these diseases involve taking antibiotics (in the case of a complicated flu), which are selected by the doctor. In addition to medicines, a positive attitude helps to cope with any illness – so try to distract yourself from negative thoughts, try new entertainments that will help you forget about the illness. For example, you can play online pokies.

Cold treatment

In the case of a common cold, it is very important to start treatment in time. At the first sign, action should be taken. How to recover so quickly that he feels vigorous and healthy the next day?

The main medicines to eliminate the symptoms:

Fight against cold. In order to quickly and effectively deal with the common cold, it is necessary to ensure the cleansing and disinfection of the nasal mucosa. For these purposes, saline solutions are suitable, which can be found in any pharmacy. In case of nasal congestion, it is recommended to take vasoconstrictor drugs to facilitate breathing.

Treatment of cough and sore throat. Treatment for cough depends on the type. If wet, you can take expectorants, and if dry, then drugs containing codeine in their composition.

Painkillers and antipyretics. The well-known Paracetamol is able to drown out pain, lower the temperature and improve the general condition of the patient.

Treat the disease itself

In the case of a common mild cold that is not accompanied by fever or other serious symptoms, treatment is limited to the use of a nasal drop or throat spray. But, most often, to the question of how to quickly recover from ARVI, a person receives an answer – with the help of antiviral agents. Indeed, a viral disease cannot be completely cured without antiviral drugs.

When you feel unwell, everyone wants to quickly recover both in summer and in winter. So, in order for the treatment to work as quickly as possible, it is necessary to ensure the impact on all foci of inflammation. Also, for any outcome of the disease, and especially if the condition worsens, you should consult a doctor to get advice from a specialist.

What do the drugs promise?

Many people already know that antibiotics should not be taken for colds and flu (unless there are complications, or they have not been prescribed by a doctor). Therefore, patients have switched their attention to immunostimulating and antiviral drugs, which are widely and actively advertised on TV and in the media. Manufacturers claim that the main principle of action of immunomodulating agents is the stimulation of one’s own immunity, the activation of the synthesis of antibodies and humoral protective factors.

In addition, the drugs promise to reduce the duration of illness and its severity. Tablets for flu and colds are positioned as remedies for adults and children, but it is important to understand that the effect on immunity and the consequences of taking these drugs for ARVI and colds can be different.

There is a category of patients who are not recommended to take these drugs. This applies to people with autoimmune pathologies, in which their own immune system is aggressive towards body tissues. In addition, the issue of taking these drugs in immunodeficiencies is also very controversial, as well as in children whose immune system has not yet fully formed. This also includes the elderly, taking a complex of drugs, expectant mothers and lactating women.

How to relieve pain and fever?

When the temperature rises above 38-38.5 degrees during a cold, it becomes difficult to endure it. In this case, adults and children need to take antipyretic drugs.

It is strictly forbidden to drink Aspirin during viral infections – it can cause Reye’s syndrome (damage to the brain and liver).

The simplest and most inexpensive remedy for fever is Paracetamol. In the form of suppositories, it is even given to infants; a short course of pills can be taken during pregnancy. But the action of Paracetamol does not last long, and with the flu it may be too weak.