Importance of Changing Water Filters on Time

One often hears that they need to change their water filters on time. But what is the reason? Well, the biggest reason is to throw away the filter candles that have absorbed a lot of impurities. Not cleaning and changing the filter candle over time hamper the water purification.

Water Filter Are Like Sponges

Water filters are a crucial item in every home. No one wants pollutants in the water making their way into the system. Since water cannot get free from all kinds of contaminants, even in water-treating plants, the filter acts as the last buffer.

Sometimes, even with a filter, there can be toxins and contaminants in the water. It is mainly because of the dirty and unclean filter. The filter did not get treated and cleaned. After a certain time, the filter needs servicing from a water purifier service near me in Chennai.

The cartridge of the filter needs to get replaced every few months. The interval can also depend on the water condition in the designated area. The filter cartridge is like a sponge. It absorbs all the hard chemicals and particles from the water, leaving fresh water for consumption. Excess accumulation of dirt in the cartridge can make the filter stops working.

Lifespan of Water Filter

If you have not changed the filter cartridge or the system in years, it is high time you do. Maybe your water tastes fine, so you are sceptical about changing it. However, just because it tastes alright does not mean it is free from contaminants and is safe for drinking.

The cartridge of the water filter lasts from six to twelve months. The filtration effect gets affected when it gets clogged or one fails to change the cartridges on time. The filter’s efficiency gets reduced, and more particles seep through.

Therefore, old filters are of no use. Drinking water from old filters is similar to drinking tap water. Not changing the filters on time means one has to drink water filled with contaminants.

Two major factors determine the shelf life of the water filter. One is the quality of water and the second one is water usage. If your home or office water is of bad quality and contaminated, the filter will accumulate all the dirt particles much faster. Not cleaning it will clog the filtration pores, negating its purpose.

Therefore it is very necessary to change the filter and get it serviced. Hard water can have damaging effects on the filter candle. The servicing should be more frequent in areas with high iron and mineral content in the water.

Signs of Replacing Filter Cartridge

One should look out for some tell-tale signs to know when the water filter needs replacing. Firstly the water emits a foul odour and has a bad taste. Secondly, the water pressure keeps on decreasing with time. And last but not the least; you start to notice the pollutants and dirt in the water.

These signs will indicate that it is time to replace your water filter. Water in the home filtration system tastes fresh and pleasant. RO systems make the water fit for drinking. However, when you find the taste gone and replaced with a foul smell and unsuitable taste, it indicates that the filter got compromised.

Old filters of RO service in Chennai have low water pressure. When more sediments and particles collect in the filter, the water’s pressure keeps slowing down. It is another indication that the filter needs to get changed. The period between the two filter changes will differ from filter model to model.

Unclean Filter Wastes Electricity

Unclean and clogged filter membranes will waste electricity as they diminish the purification capacity. It means the water purifier has to run longer than usual to clean the same amount of water. Not only does this waste electricity, but also wastage of water.

A choked and unclean RO water membrane results in more wastage of water. It produces more wastewater, making people discard it. Therefore cleaning the membrane and changing it at intervals is extremely important.


One needs to replace the filters, which could lead to problems like decreased water flow. Not only that, the filtration efficiency suffers tremendously and can even become a health risk. Automatic alerts on the water RO system will tell when the filter needs changing. Also, regularly changing the filter membrane will ensure access to clean drinking water.