Ludo Game Online: Mistakes New Players Should Avoid

Ludo is a well-known and cherished board game that has been enjoyed by people of all ages for many years. With the arrival of technology, Ludo has also become a loved online game, and many people are now playing it on the internet.  When you play ludo game online, make sure that you don’t make mistakes that take you to your failure. So, keeping this thing in mind, this post is going to share with you some mistakes you should be careful about.

Ignoring the overall Rules

One of the most common mistakes that folks do make while playing Ludo online is ignoring the rules. Many people think that since they have played the game before, they know all the different rules. However, online versions of Ludo may have slight differences in the rules, and it is critical to read the rules before starting the game. Ignoring the overall game rules could result in penalties or even disqualification.

Concentrating extensively on One Piece

Another common mistake that most of the players make is focusing too much on one piece. While it is critical to move your pieces forward, it is equally critical to spread your pieces across the board. in case you focus too much on one piece, you may miss opportunities to simply move other pieces and gain an advantage over your opponents.

Not Paying Attention to your Opponents

Another mistake that many players make is not paying any attention to their opponents. In Ludo, you need to be careful and constantly monitor your opponents’ moves and adjust your strategy accordingly. In case you are not paying attention to your opponents, you may miss chances to block their moves or take advantage of their errors.

Avoiding the Safe Zones

The safe zones in speed ludo or general Ludo are mostly overlooked by players, but they can be quite useful in certain situations. If you have a piece in a safe zone, your opponent cannot simply capture it. This can be mainly helpful if you have a piece that is close to the finish line and even you want to guard it from being captured.

Staying too aggressive

Though it is quite important to be aggressive in Ludo, being extensively aggressive can also backfire. If you focus too much on capturing your opponents’ pieces, you may simply lose sight of your own strategy and miss opportunities to simply move your own pieces forward.

Dodging the Doubling Cube

The doubling cube is a feature in some online versions of Ludo that simply gives you the chance or allows you to double the stakes of the game. Not using the doubling cube can somewhat be a mistake if you have a strong position in the game and wish to increase your winnings.


So, when playing ludo game on the web, you should have all these points in mind to do well and win. The point is when you can have fun playing this board game on Gamezy Free App and at the same time win and have great experiences; you should not miss out on it.