Modern house

Many people may wonder why. Modern houses have been popular for a long time. until becoming the top choice for residents in the new era with outstanding shape and modernity It also includes both interior and exterior decoration.

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Selection of materials for construction One important factor that makes a modern house look modern. For example, steel frame, clear glass, moreover, nowadays there are many technologies and innovations related to housing. to enhance the convenience of modern homes such as installing solar panels on the roof, etc.

Uncomplicated, home designs in this style have geometric shapes as the core. will show simple which besides being beautiful It also has a positive effect on the construction In particular, the construction period is faster than other types of house construction. Make the budget used less. This allows us to see modern house designs that cost hundreds of thousands or not more than a million widely wapmallu.

The interior is airy, open and comfortable, allowing the natural light and wind to be thoroughly opened. It also makes the use of various corners of the room possible with flexibility. flexible And the main thing is to reduce the cost of interior decoration.

Modern house designs are influenced by the West. With a distinctive look that looks simple, modern and perfectly fits the Thai weather conditions.

“Modern style house” Many people tend to understand that it is a house that looks simple. There are wide openings. and has a flat roof, Lean-to roof, which of course may be partially correct.

So what kind of style will we call a house? We should know where to go first.

A house that will have a modern style. Should have a shape that meets the most useful. which are mostly geometric shapes But it’s not all like that. Because it has to consider the suitability that can meet the use as well.

Many times we tend to see some houses with some rooms as circular rooms. Which is interesting and distinctive when viewed from the outside. It seems to fit in a modern style because it comes from geometric shapes. But if you look at it in terms of use, it may not be so. Because the actual use may not be fully usable Because most of the furniture tends to be square, which tends to waste and waste space loudtronix.

There are no more extravagant decorations or decorations than necessary. every part or every element of the house Must have a function or use in itself.

respect for nature, structure As for the structural principles of modern style work, it usually shows part of the structure without covering it up.

Thailand is a country in the humid tropics with regular rainfall. So when a house has no eaves Or even the overhang of the eaves is not enough, it may cause rainwater to leak into the house easily. And that would not be considered a modern style because the modern style should meet the maximum usability.

The meaning of the house in the style of “The Modern Style”

It is a style of construction that is influenced by the 18th century, when people turned to focus on the efficient use of resources. reduce material consumption including unnecessary labor in construction

Thus came the process of eliminating extravagant building components and turning to simple, basic geometry. There is no decoration or covering the surface. Show the natural texture of the materials used. And because the word Modern in English means new or modern. is used to call This new design for that era

The principle of beauty according to modern style is the shape that can meet the maximum usability. modern house Characteristics of using geometric shapes, such as squares or curves formed by circle segments. For the main idea of ​​modern design is the choice of shape.

Structure and materials that can meet the application well. In other words, the shape of the building is determined by its use. No excess decorations. Respecting the nature of materials and structures, such as showing columns, beams or parts of the building structure without blocking whether it is steel, concrete, glass or wood, is considered a kind of beauty.

Another important principle of modern home design is the comfort of living. There were no problems later, for example, the design of the house without the eaves protruding from the house by mistakenly thinking that it was a house shape. Modern style, but there are problems with rainwater splashing or leaking through doors and windows.

Therefore, the principle of modern home design is to respect the natural shape of the material. There is no wasteful decoration and must live comfortably 9xflixcom.

Beautiful house in modern style Modern house on a budget Organize a modern living room…

And to be honest, have you ever wondered what a modern house really is?

For those of you who still want that answer, today homify has a beautiful example of a house that should answer your question arquitectura. Venezuelan architecture firm combines the concept of a modern house that should have almost everything, whether it is respect for the nature and materials of the house. A shape that responds to maximum usability. Or will it be a matter of space management? The continuity of the inside of the house and the outside space. At the same time, it also tells about the choice of decorations. and color in decoration All of which make this house look beautiful, modern and lively.

Coordinated space allocation

The first principle of modern architecture is respect for the structure and surroundings. When looking at the location of the houses in this project, there are many buildings located in the middle of the garden So we have seen the ingenuity of architects in allocating space. It was designed mainly to show the relationship between the building and the open space surrounding it. while the top of the house is connected by a multi-level roof. with eaves overhanging each other (This will help shade the house as well.) The ground below has a green lawn that connects to the continuity of the garden and the buildings on which it is located as well.

A shape that responds to maximum usability.

Another equally important concept of modern architecture is that the shape should meet the maximum usability.

The geometric shape that eliminates unnecessary building components is an alternative to this style of home. The main shape of Casa BA focuses on various square shapes, including the shape of the house, concrete columns, roof, or even the swimming pool. Without having to add the hanging parts to waste both space and budget But at the same time it does not make the house look boring. By playing the height of each building that makes up the area. make the house look dimensional Not as rigid as general symmetrical geometry

Every element of the house has its own function.

In this picture we can see the use of light, color and materials used in decoration to benefit. By dividing the same large hall to create different functional areas. Start by making the ceilings have different heights. at different heights making it possible to separate the room that is the dining table zone from the hallway and the corridor. The architects also emphasized the floor covering with different colored marble. When the white floor reflects the light that shines from the ceiling height difference. The more it emphasizes the zone on the table to stand out.

Design the location of the room to make the most of it.

Each room in the house is open. Emphasizes the connection of the space inside the house with the outside area. make the house bright However, if the residents want to use this room in a different way, such as a private corner. or reduce the sound that will be loud to other parts of the house You can also use the service of the glass door installed in case as well ofilmywapcom.

Pay attention to the natural environment

It is undeniable that what complements the beautiful landscape of the house is the green lawn. Along with various types of ornamental plants seen in the picture. with these trees having different shapes stems of different heights The shades are different. Therefore creating dimensions for the area around the house is not difficult. At the same time it helps in the cold. both in terms of reducing the temperature around the house And in terms of feeling that green helps to cool the eyes as well majesticnews.

Color and shape

Most of the home furnishings are retro style. Although the colors look different, they are controlled in tones that do not differ from each other in each room, such as the black found on the dining table, the sofa, the red of the chairs in each room, the rug, and even the wall painting. There is also the connection of furniture that reflects the shape.