Must Watch Psychological Thrillers, Suspenseful, and Dystopian Shows

The crime, suspense, and drama genres are heavy and not everyone’s cup of tea, but many people enjoy dark shows that keep them fascinated until the end while simultaneously making them want to rip their skin open. There are a number of films and books that will make you feel this way and are suspenseful enough that you can’t put them down, but today we’ll discuss TV shows that people have binge-watched in one night. These shows are thrilling, intriguing, dark, and contain a powerful life lesson. We do not recommend watching these shows if you have a tender heart, since they have a tendency to blow your mind. These shows will make you believe that whoever wrote them must be a genius. Well, below we have mentioned several TV shows of different time zones that are hard to stop watching because of their suspenseful episodes and dark themes. So, choose your favorite TV show from among these and start binge watching now.

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The television series Freud is an Austrian-German criminal drama centered on the famed psychologist Sigmund Freud. The show is dramatized, with Dr. Freud investigating many disappearances and murders in Vienna. The narrative is a fictionalized version of Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic beliefs about human nature. The plot is based on Hungarian methodology and hypnosis, and despite the fact that it is mostly fictitious, it will have you watching till the conclusion. This is the perfect psychological show for anyone who like historical settings, methodology, and in-depth psychoanalytic investigations. The show has only one season which you can binge watch in a day or maximum two days, so this one is not to be missed.

The Sinner

The sinner appears to be a typical crime thriller set in modern times, yet the way the seasons and tales unfold will astound you. Every season features a fresh story about a different sinner, most of them are murderers with bizarre backstories. The show is psychological and dark, with a complex plot and a mind-blowing message. This is the type of show that keeps you expecting a big reveal by the conclusion, but the reveal is much more subtle and intense, leaving you with a knot in your throat, wondering what just happened. This is the show for you if you enjoy crime and mystery shows that also depict the darker side of human nature. It shows us how common people can commit murders in the most normal and unpredictable circumstances because of a repressed memory or a psychological issue. The show discusses a detective who has to solve these murder mysteries committed by the most harmless people, with his own backstory and demons to fight.

The Alienist

Because of the fantastic and mind-blowing storyline as well as setting, The Alienist will always be our favorite in this list. The first season’s plot centers around Dr. Laszlo, a Jewish criminal psychologist, John Moore, a newspaper illustrator, and Sara Howard, the only female secretary in the police department. They work together on a covert inquiry into the terrible murders of young boy prostitutes. The plot centers around the three main characters’ lives, and the murders they investigate. The protagonist of seasons two is Sara Howard, who confronts societal pressures as a woman, and this time the victims are young babies kidnapped by a psychopath. This TV show is ideal if you like comprehensive murder mysteries that are also substantial and period plays, from the set, clothes, storyline, investigation, and dialogues.

Breaking Bad

The show Breaking Bad is a famous crime show that almost everyone has watched. What brings it to our list is how realistically dark it can get. The story follows Walter White, a chemistry instructor who has a regular family life until one day he discovers he has cancer and only has a few days to live. Walter White goes bad and realizes how much money methylamine can bring him. Mr. White teams up with a high school student named Jesse Pinkman to sell meth in order to pay off his medical expenses. The show revolves around Jesse and Walter’s lives, as well as their run-ins with the cops and the DIA. The show is worth binge-watching and is the most realistic dark crime drama you’ll ever see. If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad yet, we strongly advise you to do so.


Mindhunter is a psychological thriller and crime drama series that you will love if you are into serial killer documentaries that study the minds of filthy criminals. By examining serial killers’ thoughts and psyches, FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench hope to better comprehend and apprehend them. The series is about serial killers’ minds, and once you understand how a serial killer’s psychology and reasoning function, it will blow your head. The show is mind-blowing, and it will put your ability to handle such craziness to the test. The show is wonderful, but it is not for the faint of heart. So, if you enjoy dark television that makes you want to pull your skin off, this show is for you.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a science fiction, non-hosted anthology series from the United Kingdom and the United States. The show is about a futuristic dystopia not too far in the future, and it explores how modern technology might backfire and be used against their creators (humans). Each episode is set in a slightly different reality, with different protagonists battling different types of modern futuristic technologies. It is a very insightful TV show that teaches us the importance of spending life naturally.


Ozark is a dark crime show that revolves around Marty Byrde who is a financial advisor who moves from Chicago to the Ozarks for the summer along with his family. Marty, his wife Wendy, and their two children are on the move when a money-laundering plan goes wrong, forcing him to pay off a hefty debt to a Mexican drug lord in order to keep his family safe. The fate of the Byrdes is in risk, and the dire circumstances force the disjointed family to come together. The show is amazing and you should watch it if you like thrilling crime shows. To watch these TV shows and similar ones you need a good TV service, and for that we suggest you to check out WOW TV Packages. WOW TV not only offers you HD channels but you also get on demand content to watch whenever you want. So, get your package now and enjoy watching your favorite shows.

Love Death + Robots

Love Death + Robots is a series of short animated stories. There are two seasons and the stories are about the parallel, mostly dystopian world of robots. Science fiction, fantasy, horror, and comedy are among the genres included in this collection of animated short stories. A unique and visceral watching experience is created by world-class animation creators who bring intriguing stories to life in the form of a distinctive and visceral viewing experience. The animated anthology series features stories about different histories, robots in a post-apocalyptic city, and a scheme by super-intelligent yoghurt to rule the world.

Behind Her Eyes

Behind Her Eyes is a show based on a British supernatural psychological thriller. The TV show revolves around a single mother Louise whose life completely changes direction when she starts an affair with David, her new boss, and things get even rougher when she develops a surprising friendship with Adele, David’s mysterious wife. As Louise becomes involved in a perilous constant cycle of secrets where things and people are not how they seem, the situation turns into an intriguing love triangle swiftly developing into a psychological thriller of twisted and suspenseful revelations. It is a deceptive story and while it may seem a simple and typical story about a love triangle, it is much more complex when you actually watch it.

Final Words

Well, if you are someone who enjoys watching thriller shows you will love this list, and if there is any show that you haven’t watched yet, these are all worth binge-watching. However, if you want to start watching such shows and you are looking for suggestions, we hope these suggestions were helpful for you.

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