Online fish shooting recipes to be rich overnight

Online fish shooting recipes to be rich overnight online fish shooting game It is known as one of the online casino games. with slotsuper popular gamblers playing together especially recruiting online fish shooting recipes used to make money Today I will tell about fish shooting game recipe Let the gamblers, whether old or new, know each other. What are the formulas? Follow and get to know each other!

4 online fish shooting recipes get rich overnight

1. Choose a gun as

Guns are an essential item in fish shooting games. You will not be able to kill fish for reward. If you don’t use a gun as a helper There are two main types of guns in fish shooting games, normal ammunition guns and electric guns, which have different usage patterns. depending on the situation in the game Players can slotsuper change guns by pressing the gun 1 time by a normal gun. Suitable for shooting many fish because it can be fired scattered. and can shoot quickly and frequently The electric gun is suitable for shooting a single fish. because the shooting was violent The gun used to shoot bosses is therefore recommended as an electric gun.

2. Choose to use ammunition as

The selection of ammunition in the bet to be It is considered to create a basic profit of playing fish shooting games that has it all. management of ammunition Because the amount of ammunition is equal to the bet we go down. Simple ammunition management, such as shooting fish with 10 baht per bullet, the fish that slotsuper shoots scores 10 times, the prize money will be 100 baht. We have to limit the amount of ammunition we use to no more than 10 rounds (100 baht) in order to make a profit. from shooting that fish in which to play for the first time It’s a good idea to play a little to see the trend of the game. and different types of fish first. This depends on the game situation.

3. Don’t play emotionally.

Most of the time when playing games, whether it’s shooting fish or others, players will play with emotions as a guide. which is considered to be playing against the principle of playing Because the truth is, the rule of slotsuper playing every game is to be mindful and not impatient if you can’t shoot any fish. must know the break Overdoing it will only cost us more. When the break is already in place Try to come back and play a little at a time, so playing little by little, gradually earning credits is the best thing to do.

4. Focus mainly on shooting the target fish.

Don’t think that shooting random fish, shooting randomly, will help you get more stakes. because of the hurricane shooting when a large number of fish came out will definitely hit the target This is a totally wrong idea. because slotsuper of the bombardment Besides probably not being hit It’s also a waste of credit. is the credit that we add therefore there is a chance of loss Makes you have to top-up often even though there is not much credit accumulation.