The Importance of Environmental Protection

There are many reasons why we should protect our environment. These include the fact that many animals and plant species cannot survive outside of their natural habitats. As the world becomes increasingly populated and people become more mobile, these changes can be detrimental to animal and plant life. The destruction of natural habitats and the depletion of essential natural resources make it increasingly difficult to restore the damaged environment. In addition to these reasons, environmental protection promotes the development of medicine and prevents the spread of new diseases. In many cases, the loss of wild areas has resulted in the hop of diseases between animals and humans. This has resulted in the Ebola virus and a number of other deadly illnesses, including avian influenza.

As the environment continues to become increasingly contaminated, climate change has increased the incidence of pests and vector diseases. Warm weather areas have also resulted in a higher number of water-borne diseases, such as malaria and dengue fever. In addition to these threats, a warming climate also increases the chances of water-borne disease. As a result, the World Health Organization recommends that all nations adopt policies and practices to protect their environment.

Novels about environmental protection have incorporated the topic in their plots. Stories about Antarctica, Blockade, and The Lorax have all been written in a lighthearted way. Some of the stories feature the plight of animals in these countries. Another short story about animal rights, The Limits of Trooghaft, by Desmond Stewart, explores the exploitation of animals. In addition, The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury focuses on the effects of war on the environment, namely the rise of mosquitoes and the repercussions of increased population and migration of refugees.