Tips and Tricks That are Worthwhile for Mac Users in 2023

Macs are suitable for a lot of activities, and they go beyond entertainment, completing official tasks, sending or receiving emails, etc. You can make your Mac work on your behalf, cut off distractions so you can focus on your tasks, and so on.

In this guide, you will learn the tips and tricks to make your 2023 smoother, easier, and fuss-free.

Turn on Low Power Mode to Make Your Device Last Longer

Similar to iPads and iPhones, there’s a low power mode option on Macs. When this is turned on, your system will run in battery-saving mode and ensure that all the unnecessary background apps and programs are automatically disabled.

Turn this on by going to System Preferences/Settings > Battery > Low power mode. Then, save as much juice as possible while traveling and need to finish a presentation or squeeze in one episode of your favorite show.

Play Legacy Media Content By Enabling Flash in Chrome

Although Adobe Flash is discontinued, it is the only way to run some legacy media content on the web, like games or videos, on your Mac.

This raises the question of how do I permanently enable Flash in Chrome. To do this, open Chrome > click Settings > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Flash > toggle the switch on.

After this, whenever you visit websites containing Flash content, Chrome will ask your permission to play the content.

Copy Text From Pictures

Copying text from images is a new feature introduced in iOS 15. The same feature is also available on updated Macs running the latest macOS version.

Open the image with text and place the cursor on the text. Then, you will see options asking you whether you want to look up, select, or copy the text.

Choose the option that you want, and that’s it!

You can paste the text wherever you want, including your notes, presentation, email, message, etc.

Better FaceTime Calls with Continuity Camera

Thanks to the Continuity Camera feature on Ventura, you can enjoy better and improved FaceTime calls with your friends or colleagues.

This feature allows users to use their iPhone’s camera and microphone to attend video calls on their Mac. You also get additional camera features like Portrait mode, Studio Light, Desk View, etc.

Therefore, if you wish to impress someone via a FaceTime call, you can use the high-end camera of your phone instead of the webcam.

Robust and Improved Focus mode

Do you remember the Do Not Disturb mode? The Focus mode works the same way, and you can say they’re synonymous.

With macOS Monterey and Ventura, the Focus mode has been revamped to help you cut off all distractions and focus on your tasks.

The feature comes pre-loaded with specific Focus modes like work, driving, sleeping, etc. When it is enabled, all your notifications and calls will be filtered.

Furthermore, you can customize and create Focus modes according to your preferences. It will help you to stay focused and keep distractions at bay.

The chosen Focus mode can be synced across your Apple devices.

Customize Gestures to Have Fun

Mac makes it extremely easy to navigate wherever you want without wasting time and effort. There are so many gestures to be mastered that can make working on a Mac seem like a breeze.

For instance, you don’t have to click anywhere to scroll up and down. Instead, you can use two fingers on the trackpad and then go up and down as you like.

There’s even a gesture for right-click: a two-finger tap on the trackpad.

Once you master these gestures, you can complete your work without removing your fingers from the keyboard and trackpad. Furthermore, you can go to System Settings or Preferences and customize these gestures to suit your specific needs.

Automate Tasks By Activating Hot Corners

Did you know you can automate tasks on your Mac? The four corners of the display can be assigned specific tasks, and they will perform them when you take the cursor and hover over the specific corner.

To do this, you must enable Hot Corners from Mission Control and then enjoy not having to perform monotonous, repetitive tasks.

In addition, you can always learn keyboard shortcuts to stay ahead of the game. Finally, you can utilize the new Stage Manager feature to organize your tasks and work productively.

Final Thoughts

Mac is always surprising its users with fantastic new features with every update. Therefore, if you want to use Mac to the fullest in 2023, you must update your system to the latest OS version and benefit from all the improved features and additions. Also, remember the tricks mentioned above to make your life easier when completing tasks on your system.

So, have you recently brought home a Mac? Start exploring and see all the ways this system is better than your last!