Top 6 Benefits of Shockwave Therapy

Due to advancements in technology, doctors have explored novel medical interventions that prove to be efficient in managing several conditions and illnesses. For instance, there is currently a host of interventional pain relief techniques. One of the increasingly common pain relief options is shockwave therapy. Scarsdale shockwave therapy entails utilizing sound waves that target troubled areas in the body. The energy of these waves regenerates the body’s muscles, bones, and other soft tissues, addressing several physical pain concerns. Here are some of the top benefits of shockwave therapy.

1. Effective for Various Health Concerns

Typically, shockwave therapy is an efficient technique for alleviating inflammation and pain. It can alleviate pain in numerous body areas, including the hip, elbow, shoulder, tendons, heel, and other areas that require physiotherapy. Besides, this procedure alleviates fibrosis and calcification.

If necessary, your provider can combine this technique with procedures like laser therapy. Shockwave therapy also shows promising outcomes for erectile dysfunction (ED) patients.

2. It Can Help You Avoid Surgery

Surgery is occasionally a necessary path to finding relief, but more conservative alternatives are always preferable, when feasible. Shockwave therapy can offer an alternative to surgical treatment by relieving pain and triggering the body’s natural healing and recovery, without all the trauma associated with surgery. Furthermore, the procedure is much easier to execute as well.

3. It Requires Little or No Downtime

Unlike surgery, there is no recovery time associated with shockwave therapy. You can walk into the clinic, and have the treatment done in under an hour. This procedure does not disrupt your regular routine, and you can continue with your day as normal.

Nonetheless, as with other treatments, you might still experience relatively mild side effects like bruising, tingling, or minor discomfort. If you lead a physically-active lifestyle, your doctor might suggest breaking for a day or two or reducing the general intensity of your workouts for about 2 weeks.

4. It Has a Relatively Low Risk of Complications

Shockwave therapy does not require incisions or drugs. For this reason, there is virtually no danger of serious complications with this procedure.

Shockwave therapy is a regenerative treatment that relies on the body’s own natural capabilities and responses to encourage pain relief and healing. As there are no foreign substances your doctor introduces, there is no danger of infection from a cut or another break in the skin.

5. Fewer Sessions

Unlike other treatments, because of their accuracy and intensity, numerous patients experience the benefits of shockwave therapy in a few sessions. Based on the seriousness of your injury, your doctor will recommend the best care plan for you.

6. Long-Lasting Effects

Shockwave therapy offers lasting pain relief to its patients. For example, patients struggling with chronic tendinopathy in the plantar fascia, shoulder, and elbow report no pain six months after their therapy.

With all the advantages of shockwave therapy, it is unsurprising that this procedure is a top care solution for numerous health concerns. It efficiently relieves pain and enhances the patient’s functionality and life quality. Nevertheless, shockwave therapy is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. For instance, if you are pregnant, have specific heart concerns, or take medications that disrupt blood clotting, you are not eligible for this procedure. Talk to your doctor about your unique concerns to determine if you are the right candidate for shockwave therapy.

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