Top Reasons to Consider Invisible Aligners

A smile is usually the first notable feature noted when you meet someone, and it says a lot about you. A smile plays a significant role in your confidence. If you have dental problems such as misaligned, cracked, misshaped, crooked and discolored teeth, your self-esteem is compromised. You will be unhappy and embarrassed by your looks. Invisible aligners Five Towns help align, shape, and strengthen your teeth, to restore your dazzling smile and improve dental functionality. Invisalign results go beyond restoring your smile and improving your appearance. The treatment can also help prevent tooth decay, cavities, bad breath, mouth sores, and other oral health issues. Below are some of the top Invisalign benefits.

Comfortable to wear

Invisible aligners are personalized to fit your teeth perfectly. They feature smooth edges made with quality resin to prevent digging into the mouth. When you start the treatment, an orthodontic will give you a set of aligners to gradually correct your teeth horizontally, vertically, and rotationally till all the teeth are in their proper position. Orthodontic times teeth movements to ensure they are comfortable and in the right arrangement.

Easy to clean

Aligners are easy to clean since you can remove them when required. You can easily remove and brush them as you continue your oral cleaning routine. Besides the Invisalign cleaning ease, their impact improves your oral hygiene. Aligning, shaping, filling the gaps, and fixing your teeth means you won’t have more space for food particles and debris to hide. Brushing and flossing will become easier and more effective, minimizing plaque buildup. Improved oral hygiene is vital in mitigating dental health problems in the long run.

Improves appearance

Crowded/crooked and missing teeth affect your appearance, causing low esteem. They can make you disengage from friends and society as you fear what people say or think about you. With invisible aligners, you will not worry about people knowing you are under orthodontic treatment since they are thin and clear. Invisalign boosts your smile and confidence, making you happier and remaining social.

No food restrictions

Some dental treatments have diet restrictions, from cold/hot drinks to hard/chewy foods. But when on Invisalign treatment, you can eat anything. You can remove your aligners and eat what you want, then brush/rinse your mouth before putting them back. Such convenience lets you keep your dietary quests on track while correcting various problems.

Fewer dental visits

An invisible aligner can come in handy if you have a tight schedule. They allow you to continue your routine as your teeth align and reposition. As you begin the Invisalign program, aligner trays are issued for the first and next phases. This helps you to continue to the next phase without visiting the dentist’s office. This is more so since the trays don’t need tightening when switching to the new set.

Invisible aligners can help you get that perfect bite and aligned smile you admire. Unlike traditional braces, they are hardly visible, helping you address dental imperfections affecting your appearance and function discretely. Call Amazing Smiles Orthodontics today for more on Invisalign and what you need to start the treatment.