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Are you looking for a summer job that pays decent money and offers a good work-life balance? If so, look no further than the ski family! This year is already packed with new seasonals, which means there’s more slopes to explore and more opportunities for snowshoveling. With thousands of jobs available in almost every sector, it’s easy to overlook the many opportunities out there—until you’re called to action. You see, this winter will bring together several top talents from across the globe: one of these individuals will lead a team of skiers into a new Vuelta a Espana adventure. This trek will run through some of the most beautiful areas of Europe and offer themhersports photographers access to unique locations every day. How cool is that? The best way to make sure you’re on the right track is to read on to learn about the three key elements that go into planning a ski adventure: duration, route and weather. Duration: The length of your adventure determines how long it will take you; longer excursions require more time and can lead to longer stays at hostels or hotels. However, shorter trips are often cheaper and easier on your wallet—and they may even yield better views! Here are some examples of longer-term outdoor adventures: mountaineering, climbing and trekking – all of these involve moving from place to place rapidly and frequently. As such, they demand experienced skiers as well as

Are you ready to take your skiing to the next level?

The answer to this question is probably no. In fact, most people never take their sport to the next level—as they only get better and faster each season. However, for those interested in taking their sport to the next level, a few things are key: duration, route, weather and final destination.

The duration of your skiing trip is critical to any adventure. If it runs too long, you’ll be left with muddled feelings; if it runs too short, it will leave you with nothing to show for it but a pair of skis ready to hit the ground running. In other words, you should be able to tell by the route that your skis take that this trek is a short-term trip.

Finally, you should have a destination in mind as you set out on your skiing or snowshoeing adventure. This destination could be your home turf, your workplace or the place you’ve spent the last few months or years. You’ll want to make sure that your destination is distinct and representational of who you are as a person.


The choice of season is pretty important when it comes to what kind of travel you want to do. If you’re looking for a short trip with some culture, nature and mountains to get your teeth even more into winter sports, then the Vuelta a España is for you. With thousands of opportunities to visit or take part in different sports and activities, the Vuelta is a great place to start.

Do you want to experience more than just skiing and snowshoeing this winter? Then the glacial views of the Alps and the dramatic snowy landscapes of Europe are enticing enough to ignore the plethora of other opportunities out there. The Vuelta a España offers a unique mix of elements that will leave you with new photos and ideas after your skiing or snowshoeing adventure.