Write Down the Information About Environmental Protection Organizations in Your Area

Whether you live in a rural area or a large urban one, there is likely a local environmental protection organization. These organizations work to protect the natural world and prevent pollution. They may focus on plastic pollution, waste, resource depletion, or human overpopulation, or on global issues such as climate change. Listed below are some of the most important ones: once you know which one is best, write down their contact information.

The Nature Conservancy is a non-profit organization that focuses on the preservation of ecologically significant lands and water. The Natural Resources Defense Council is an international advocacy group that employs hundreds of scientists and lawyers. Wetlands International is a non-profit organization that works on issues related to wetlands. The World Agroforestry Centre is an NGO that promotes sustainable consumption and growth. The World Wildlife Fund is an international conservation organization based in Geneva.

Other organizations in your area focus on environmental issues. These include the EPA, the National Park Service, and the National Park Service. If you can’t find a local organization, do some research online. There are many free websites and books about environmental issues. If you can’t find one that is relevant to your area, you can find a national organization that does. Then, write down the contact information for each organization to contact.